Our alpacas


Sybelle is our beautiful true black alpaca. New mom in 2018, she gave birth to our very first baby alpaca - cria, named Uno. She showed us that she is an excellent mother and that her offspring are strong. However, Sybelle is bold. If she decides she is going somewhere, she will find a way to get there: A plastic fence!? No problem, she will go right through it. A fence a little to low!? A little jump and HOP she's on the other side. It did not take long for Sybelle to show us all the defects of our fencing. Thanks Sybelle!!!

When visiting Alpacas' City, on a hot summer day, you may have the chance to cool down the alpacas by hosing them down. Sybelle will be the happiest alpaca on Earth! She will lay down in front of the hose and will stay there as long as you are.