Our alpacas

Bon Jovi

Bonjovi the little joker!! He makes us laugh with his approach. When he runs, he looks like he is bouncing. Bonjovi is a rescue alpaca. Although he is now an adult, he never reached the normal size of an alpaca. But we fell under his spell and took him with us. His kindness and his willingness to please is so appreciated. Because of his smaller statute, he is also very popular with children. On a leash - yes you can actually walk with a trained alpaca on leash - he follows us very well, which makes him an ideal candidate for a "Little hike with an alpaca".

When visiting Alpacas' City, if you book in advance, you will be able to go on a hike with Bonjovi and some of his friends. Under supervision of an adult, Bonjovi will be glad to walk with children.